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The information that is provided by American Insurance Training, Inc. is not intended to replace any detailed information found in the state’s statutes or regulations of Tennessee or Mississippi. American Insurance Training, Inc. has tried to make sure that the information given is reliable and accurate but we cannot guarantee that it is. State laws and regulations do change from time to time and it is best that in order to find detailed information found in Tennessee or Mississippi state’s statutes and regulations to please contact your state insurance department.
In Tennessee, the address is:
Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance
500 James Robertson Pkwy 4th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243-1134
Phone: 615-741-2693 or 888-416-0868
Fax: 615-532-2788


Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance has announced that Pearson Vue will no longer be processing the course rosters for Tennessee. Instead, providers will post their student/producer credits directly into the SBS system, a web based application that is accessible from any computer with Internet access. This begins on February 23, 2010.
FEE CHANGE: Tennessee has imposed a $1.00 per-credit hour roster fee for each hour completed. American Insurance’s invoice at checkout will include this state filing fee, which Continuing Education Providers are required to pay on your behalf at time credit is reported.


To: Licensed Producers in the state of Tennessee: Unless exempt, an insurance producers license will not be renewed unless the producer has completed all continuing education requirements as established by rule. “Every individual seeking renewal of a license pursuant to T.C.A. 56-6-107, unless otherwise exempt must satisfactorily complete twenty-four (24) credit hours of study in approved courses, programs of instruction or seminars every two (2) years following the date of issuance of the original license. Three (3) hours shall have course concentration in ethics during each education biennium. Certificates of completion for courses previously submitted and approved for credit may only be repeated and submitted for credit after three (3) years.”


On August 21, 2008 the Commissioner of Insurance in Tennessee issued a bulletin which gave an overview of changes in the law, particularly Public Chapter 1192 (2008), which will impact licensed insurance producers in the state of Tennessee. This bulletin specifically addressed the areas of license renewal, continuing education requirements, referral fees to non-producers, financial planning designations and titles, charging of fees, and penalties for selling unauthorized insurance.
Information Regarding License Renewals: In 2007, the law was changed to allow insurance producers to renew their license every other year. In the legislative session in (2008), the law was modified so that the date on which insurance producers renew their license will change. Currently an insurance producer renews his/her license prior to the anniversary date of the issuance of the license. Effective immediately, producers will renew their license before the last day of their birth month. Note that all renewals in 2009 will occur prior to the last day of their birth month regardless of when the producer renewed or was licensed in 2007.
The Commissioner's Bulletin of August 2008 also stated the following in regards to Continuing Education Exemptions: The law concerning exemptions from insurance continuing education requirements also changed during the 2008 legislative session. Prior to the changes, producers that had been licensed continuously for fifteen (15) or more years, or were over the age of 65 were exempt from having to meet continuing education requirements.
Effective January 1, 2009, a producer will only be exempt from continuing education requirements if the producer, on the date of the producer's renewal, has been licensed continuously since 1994. As such, if you have not had to receive continuing education because you were over 65, but you have not been continuously licensed since Jan. 1, 1994, you will need to receive all required credits prior to renewing your license in 2009. Please note that the law requires continuous licensure since January 1, 1994. An insurance producer whose license has been inactive for any amount of time since 1994 will not qualify for the exemption.
End of Commissioners Bulletin


American Insurance Training will provide the three (3) hour ethics course for FREE with the purchase of any 24 credit hour course or a combination of two (12) twelve credit hour courses. A charge of $20.00 will be made for any 3 Credit Hour Ethics course if at least a combination of 24 credit hours is Not ordered. Approved home study or correspondence courses for various credit hours are available from American Insurance Training, Inc. 4850 GOODMAN ROAD, SUITE # 106, OLIVE BRANCH, MS 38654, or by mail at the following prices. Many of the same Continuing Education Courses which are approved in Tennessee are also approved in the state of Mississippi.


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ETHICS: One of the following Ethics Courses will be included for FREE in Tennessee with the purchase of a 24 credit hour course or any combination of continuing education courses that equal at least 24 credit hours. If no other course purchase of at least 24 credit hours is made, a $20.00 fee plus $8.00 Handling and Shipping charge will apply and will be added at checkout for any of the 3 hour Ethics Courses listed below:

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#20042 ETHICS IN THE INSURANCE WORKPLACE (all lines) 3 Hours $20.00
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AIT now offers online delivery of CE manuals and online CE test. To find out more click Here